Not too long ago you couldn't give a condo away in downtown Madison and inventories were such than many condo owners had all but given up hope of selling their units. But today, downtown Madison condos are growing scarce and are once again selling at higher prices. Why is this happening? Well for one thing new condo projects are not being built in downtown Madison: construction has been largely focused on building apartments. Even expansion plans for existing condo projects like Capitol West, some of our finest downtown Madison condos, have been re-planned as apartment complexes. So with supply going down, prices are edging up.Read More →

With so¬† many lakes and rivers in Wisconsin we have a very diverse inventory of homes with actual waterfront footage. I just added a major new menu feature to my real estate website that will help folks looking for waterfront homes in Dane County and its seven surrounding collar counties find the home of their dreams. And it is really pretty simple to use. Clicking on the menu button for WI Waterfront Homes takes them to a map of the eight counties. Clicking on any county on the map takes them to a page that provides three galleries of homes, broken down by price range.Read More →

Okay, maybe I am just sentimental but when I got up this morning I was treated to a winter wonderland of snowy trees around my home and I just had to take a few pictures. It was so pretty. Of course Molly the Airedale brought in about three pounds of snow attached to various feet, her nose and tail but it was well worth five minutes deicing the dog for this Winter Come Lately morning in late February. Cheers,Read More →

According to a recent buyer survey it seems there are still a few question out there about the home buying process. See how will you do on this little quiz! 1. How much does the average home appreciate each year? If you said 7% you would be in pretty good company because that’s how 42% or about two out of five buyers responded. Unfortunately you’d be wrong…but in good company none-the-less. Actually, on average, homes appreciate somewhere between 2% and 5% yearly. Better than a sharp stick in the eye, absolutely, but also better to buy a house with your eyes open. 2. True orRead More →

Okay, I have to confess that I may be just a wee bit biased in this respect, but Molly is a terrific dog. She comes from my friend Pat Muller of Quansa Kennels in South Beloit and is the daughter of a whole string of outstanding championship Airedales on both sides. But believe me, it isn’t her pedigree that makes her such pal, it’s her incredible sense of humor, and her unrelenting friendship. Usually when someone asks me why I got an Airedale all I have to say is…”Well, look at her!” Molly is, however, somewhat of a princess. I don’t know where she getsRead More →

No doubt the fix is in! Fixed-rate mortgages are still the Holy Grail of mortgage loans according to Freddie Mac’s Primary Mortgage Market Survey. Over 95% of all refinanced loans in Q3 2011 were fixed-rate loans. True, even though about 37% of homeowners with ARMs opted to refinance with a similar product, 63% switched to a fixed-rate loan. But that’s not all. According to the report, borrowers also used the low interest rates to reduce the terms of their fixed-rate mortgages. Nearly 40% of homeowners with 30-year fixed-rate loans elected to refinance with a 20- or 15-year term. So if you have an ARM orRead More →

One of the most significant hurdles that buyers face today, especially first-time home buyers, is how much down payment they’re going to need and where’s it going to come from? Savings? Gifted money from a relative or friend? Keep in mind that each mortgage product may have rules regarding how much of your down payment may be gifted, so be sure to ask. The gold standard is 20% down but that can frankly amount to buckets full of cash that many first-time home buyers don’t have laying around. But here’s the thing of it: not every mortgage product is going to require you to comeRead More →

One of the prettiest villages on the Wisconsin River has to be Spring Green. Rolling hills and lovely green spaces make this a truly picturesque location, well worth a visit. Not only are there lots of great Spring Green homes to check out but this is the home of Frank Lloyd Wright’s famed Taliesin, the House on the Rock and the American Players Theater. I am pleased to say that I just took a really nice commercial listing in Spring Green called the Spring into Motion building, which houses both the Spring into Motion School of Dance and the Spring into Motion Fitness Center. TheRead More →

The idea for At Home Wisconsin is to have somewhere to talk about places to live. As a real estate broker here, I enjoy talking about the market and answering questions you may have about buying or selling homes in south central Wisconsin and really state wide. This is not my real estate website, so if you are looking to browse homes I would direct you to Madison Homes where you will find a wealth of tools and complete listings of all available real estate. The blog serves a different purpose and I would like to encourage an open exchange regarding issues related to realRead More →